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"After my injury, I was referred to Riverside Physical Therapy and saw Dr. Donato who understood my problem.  With his help, he was able to significantly decrease my pain.  I highly recommend Riverside Physical Therapy to anyone with a physical impairment or injury."     M. A. Morrison

"A rear-end motor vehicle accident left me with a painful whiplash injury.  The good folks at Riverside Physical Therapy took me through a course of treatment that relieved the pain and restored my range of motion.  Because of the friendly staff, I looked forward to my physical therapy visits and I always leave with a smile on my face and a light in my heart.  I would recommend their services to anyone."     S. McBrayer

"I would like to tell you that I am delighted with my therapy.  I felt like I got my leg back to what it felt like before my accident."     C. S.

"After the therapy sessions, I felt the pressure in my legs decrease.  I was able to walk towards the window as if "walking on air".  Just after 3 rounds of leg exercises, I felt relaxed and could walk straight without pain."     T. B.

"Excellent therapist, good exercises suited to my needs."     D. A.

"He was so gentle, informative, and always left me with positive words.  He encouraged me to always do my best.  On my last visit, Dr. Donato measured my knee and it was 0-122 degrees, wow, with the therapists' help, I am very grateful.  Keep up the good work!"       L. Rinetti

"My medical doctor from Grants Pass Clinic referred me to Riverside Physical Therapy (RPT) for a specific treatment procedure for my low back pain which was initially a constant 10/10.  Once at RPT, I knew I was in capable hands.  For my long-term recovery, I was assigned to Dr. Zachary Goodwiler, who was doing his orthopedic residency at Riverside Physical Therapy.  It did not take him long to discover the root cause of my back pain and zeroed in on it through the use of a variety of treatment procedures and tailored exercises.  He has an innate ability that makes him an exceptionally skilled physical therapist.  He has great "bedside manners" and always speaks with politeness and tact.  He is a great educator and communicator.  For example, he takes time to make sure I understand what is going on with my back.  He explains everything in easily understandable language.  He always encourages and welcomes questions and in turn, he patiently and thoroughly answers all questions.  He makes sure I am comfortable with and fully understand the reasoning (the proven research) behind all physical therapy procedures.  I highly recommend Riverside Physical Therapy (RPT) to anyone experiencing pain from an injury or chronic condition.  RPT has an exceptionally highly skilled and compassionate team who provide continuous personalized quality care.  Everyone at RPT is on your side – they want you to succeed."          M. McCabe

"This commendation is presented to Dr. Zachary Goodwiler, physical therapist at Riverside Physical Therapy in Grants Pass, Oregon, in recognition for his efforts in treating my son who suffered a traumatic brainstem injury in a car accident in 1991 resulting to partial left-sided disability.  We wish to thank all of Riverside Physical Therapy support staff for their help in the therapy program, and can say that Zach is a dedicated, caring and expert therapist, and we would recommend him to anyone else needing similar therapy.  Riverside  is very lucky to have Zach as an employee.  We wish him all the success and a bright future."          R. Q.

"I visited the clinic for my tight and painful shoulder.  I appreciated Dr. Goodwiler's help and instructions.  I can now do many of the things that were not possible.  He is fun and professional at the same time!  I also appreciated Julie and Ryan when they would work with me....great young people.  Everyone that helped me really seemed to care for their patients.  I will definitely return if the need arises."          R. Holden

"I saw Dr. Goodwiler and Dr. Donato for my foot pain.  They cared from the first visit about how I felt.  My comfort and healing was due to all that they did for me.  Within 5 physical therapy visits, I was discharged 100%."                                                                                                 

H. Frazier

"I visited the Union Ave clinic multiple times and I am delighted.  All of the staff are professional, knowledgeable, personable and caring.  Christy, the front office coordinator/receptionist is a delight.  Dr. Donato and Dr. Goodwiler are great.  I have no more pain.  Thanks so much!"         

J. Zepeda.

"I was seen by Dr. Goodwiler at Riverside Physical Therapy and he was able to decrease and stop the pain.  The staff is always cheerful and helpful."

D. Corley

"I was seen by Dr. Donato and was pleased with the physical therapy I received there.  I am gaining my strength and balance slowly.  I am more motivated to keep at it and I have joined Priority Fitness in Riverside Physical Therapy to continue my independent exercise program.  You will be seeing me more!"     J. Boston

"I was treated by Dr. Donato, my physical therapist, after undergoing a right total knee replacement.  I am very pleased with the therapy I received at Riverside Physical Therapy in Canyonville.  Between my orthopedic surgeon, my motivation in physical therapy, and the incredible support and encouragement I received from Dr. Donato, I was able to achieved 100% of my goals."    Judi  (See photo below)

"My name is Joel Church.  I was in construction and roofing for 60 years.  On October 10, 2019, I had a complete left shoulder replacement.  I started therapy on October 15.  My 2 expert therapists were Dr. Edsen Donato and Julie Bohlman, PTA.  The physical therapy equipment is first class!  My therapists had me done in 4 months!  The secret to this fast recovery is my dedicated home exercise program that I did twice a day.  Thank you Riverside Physical Therapy!!!"     J. Church

"Everyone was helpful, kind, professional, friendly and great to be around with.  I started out with a very complicated comminuted fracture in August, but by December, I was doing push-ups again.  I could not have asked for better care.  Thank you for everything!"     M. Graves